Melbourne Datathon 2020 - the covid edition
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Melbourne Datathon 2020
Sept 2020 until whenever!
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2020 Melbourne Datathon

2020 has been different for us all and the Melbourne Datathon is no exception.

We plan on running a series of challenges that can be performed at home.

Hopefully you will enjoy what we come up with!

The first challenge has started!


As the number of data science graduates is increasing, getting a full time position or internship is becoming increasingly tough. It’s also hard for the recruiting companies to discover the most suitable candidates based on a CV alone.

The Melbourne Datathon 2020 is an opportunity for Data Scientists to demonstrate their skills by attempting data science tasks and creating an online portfolio and presence.

…but its not just for students or job seekers, anyone can participate. If you want to learn new tools or skills then it’s a helpful and friendly environment in which to do it. 

How it works

In brief…

  • The Datathon is free to participate in
  • No need to officially ‘register‘ – your final submission is your registration
  • This year the event will be online – but we’ll hopefully get together for the awards next year
  • There will hopefully be a series of independent challenges released on a rolling basis
  • Each challenge will have its own specific rules, deadlines and prizes
  • You can use whatever tools you choose to perform the analysis
  • Your work remains yours but will need to be published online (by you!)
  • Anyone can participate – you don’t have to be a student or even from Melbourne

Keeping in touch…

  • There is a ‘latest news‘ menu at the top of this web page
  • RSVP on Meetup for the registration ‘event’ (its not an actual event so ignore the date). We will be using this list to send update emails through meetup, so make sure your email preferences are set in meetup to receive these
  • There is a Data Science group on Telegram. We will be posting messages now and again to this group. This is also a good place to ask questions
  • Everything you need to know should be ‘findable’ somewhere – if you have a question please search and ask around before directly contacting the organisers. We won’t be answering any questions where the answers are out there and you just haven’t read things!


We thank the following organisations for their continued support of the Data Science Melbourne Meetup group,

…but we would like more to get involved. We are specifically after companies that are recruiting and would like to offer the talented competitors an internship. If this could be your organisation then please contact Phil Brierley.