Melbourne Datathon 2019, 14th August - 29th November


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Links to all the info you need can be found at….

What is the Data2App category?

The Data2App prize category was created to recognise the significant role that user-facing applications play in the delivery of value-creating insights from data science and analytics. In data science, the insights which have the maximal impact are those which are communicated most effectively to stakeholders and decision-makers in the business. That’s why we think that data-driven applications, which allow users to interactively explore and visualise data and insights, are a critical part of data science.

How do I enter the Data2App competition?

  1. Use the data provided (maybe a summarised version) and your data science and developer skills to build a world-class application with a beautiful, user-friendly interface, powered by some serious machine learning and analytics under the hood to bring your insights to life.
  2. Host your application on the web where our panel of judges can access it and play around with it. (You can use any hosting service you like.)
  3. Once finished, create a 5 minute video demonstrating what you have come up with.
  4. We may ask to look at the source code of the selected top teams – a public Git repository is a great way to do this. 

How will the winners be determined?

All entries to the Data2App category will be assessed by a panel of professional data scientists and data science managers and scored on a range of criteria, including:

  • Is the data presented in a way that tells a good story, highlighting key insights?
  • Are those insights actionable – i.e. could a stakeholder make a practical business decision based on the data?
  • Does the application effectively make use of current technology?
  • Is the application scalable – could it easily be transitioned from a prototype to a production app on industry-sized data.

What is the prize for winners?

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners.

In addition, ANZ will be offering paid internships for the leading student entries, offering the opportunity to work on a two-month project applying their data science skills to some unique real-world datasets solving tough problems with proven business value.

Over 10 Data2App competitors from 2018 ended up at ANZ