Melbourne Datathon 2019, 14th August - 29th November

2018 Team Registration

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Please nominate a ‘captain’ who will receive any info we may distribute that is at the team level (eg access codes for any free cloud hosting that may be on offer!)

This form is for the ‘Insights’ team only at this stage. The ‘Data2App’ team could be different or the same, but you will need to have some insights first up!

Check you have not already registered from the list of registered teams below the form.

We recommend 4-8
Just for info. All communication will be to the emails you initially signed up with
Please Note:
When you submit this form there will be no email confirmation, just a message on this page saying it was registered OK.


Below is a list of registered teams.

Team NameNumber of People in TeamHow would you describe your team
VMIA Analytics and Actuarial3Company team
Tridiagonal3Student team
RUBIX. Consulting6Company team
Nuclear Train7Mixed bunch
David Diviny5Company team
BlueMars2Student team
Crunch44Student team
hahaha2Mixed bunch
BureauOfData5Mixed bunch
Pandas5Student team
Spotlight5Mixed bunch
Datatronics4Student team
Deus Ex Machina6Student team
Husky4Student team
HIDN2Mixed bunch
NumberCrunchers4Mixed bunch
Datamites3Student team
Datum5Mixed bunch
Data Central3Student team
Third time's the charm2Mixed bunch
Just one guy1Mixed bunch
prophet6Mixed bunch
Superficial Intelligence3Mixed bunch
DataLearning6Student team
K55Student team
Altered Gold2Mixed bunch
The Least Squares5Mixed bunch
dataRunner8Student team
Deep Rural Wetworks4Student team
Brute Force4Student team
Ferrets United4Mixed bunch
Datatastic5Mixed bunch
Weangler2Mixed bunch
DataKAS2Mixed bunch
Los Ten-aces5Company team
Paranormal Distributions 5Mixed bunch
Smelly Bottom2Mixed bunch
TeamST2Mixed bunch
EyeOfTheTiger3Mixed bunch
IDEA8Company team
The Small Data Team5Company team
ELIXIR5Student team
Interrobang5Company team
Team.CSV3Mixed bunch
Mathemagicians6Mixed bunch
Fuzzy Mind2Mixed bunch
Data Geeks3Student team
Jalebi Bayes'4Student team
adjusted_r^25Mixed bunch
GradientAscent8Student team
Paranormal Distribution 2Mixed bunch
The Meme Team2Student team
Girl vs. Data8Mixed bunch
Killer Bytes4Mixed bunch
DataVina3Student team
Abc3Mixed bunch
PK Data2Mixed bunch
Monash Data Scientists5Mixed bunch
NaiveBaes2Mixed bunch
DatAware5Mixed bunch
AX015Student team
.Bots4Student team
Melbourne Data Alchemist3Student team
Regression Squad5Student team
Wooden Spooners2Student team
DataGeek3Student team
Ballmer Peak5Student team
Abraca-Data5Student team
Data Da Vincis4Student team
plumbus2Mixed bunch
LLdata2Mixed bunch
Data the Explorer4Mixed bunch
Grilled Cold Noodles4Mixed bunch
4MG4Student team
A Team6Mixed bunch
People writing code 5Company team
DatosOro8Mixed bunch
Andrew Ng Fanboys3Mixed bunch
Servianites8Company team
Team Channel2Mixed bunch
JZSC2Mixed bunch
Datamers3Student team
Gamma3Student team
3 Model Semi-Supervised Online Recurrent Net Ensemble3Mixed bunch
DataDataBillYall5Student team
DataSquad4Student team
Outliers3Mixed bunch
Sightseer5Student team
DA (Dataholic Anonymous)4Student team
AIxperience3Company team
GameOfData2Mixed bunch
Saved by the Bell Curve6Student team
Datamines7Mixed bunch
Monash Data Train5Student team
Melbourne DatathonTeam7Mixed bunch
Data Shiners6Company team
The Hive6Mixed bunch
Project Smash4Company team
Down to Load4Mixed bunch
Data da vincis7Mixed bunch
EmbarrassinglyParallel4Mixed bunch
Solo: A Data Science Stort2Company team
No Train No Gain5Mixed bunch
Deep Learning2Student team
Geodesio2Mixed bunch
wranglers3Mixed bunch
DNA8Mixed bunch
The miners3Student team
F55Student team
A Little Better6Company team
prasad belhe1Student team
Spyder3Mixed bunch
AA2Mixed bunch
Datactives5Mixed bunch
If looks could kale1Company team
Avo Smashers5Company team
Team ActionX3Company team
SecondSight2Mixed bunch
Data Rules2Mixed bunch
adynt2Company team
Kung Chi Pandas8Mixed bunch
Gogo Power Ranger6Mixed bunch
dataBridge5Mixed bunch
In5o4Student team
DataDiggers6Mixed bunch
Yoyo_Insights6Student team
OneIsPeople6Mixed bunch
Katra1Company team
DataTech4Company team
Bayesians4Student team
Data Tech4Company team
ADAptive5Mixed bunch
What's Your Poisson5Company team
MyKeyInsights 2Mixed bunch
OnTheCloud4Mixed bunch
Spartans3Company team
3Peronis3Student team
dataNerds5Student team
dot dot dot4Student team
The Outliers5Student team
Amazing Neurons4Mixed bunch
Tycho Analytics1Company team
Astronomically Awesome12Student team
Datavengers4Student team
Jam Free5Mixed bunch
Snowfall Treasures Society3Student team
Evolution13Mixed bunch
Game Of Info3Mixed bunch
Data Xplorerz6Company team
Republic of Data8Mixed bunch
Teenage Mutant Ninja Data 2Student team
Not Hotdog6Mixed bunch
Curious Minds3Student team
PyRomancers8Mixed bunch
Deep Miners2Student team
404-PageNotFound4Mixed bunch
SovietUnion3Mixed bunch
Moderately Talented6Mixed bunch
Chidensa8Company team
Amcompet1Mixed bunch
Computational Giraffe6Mixed bunch
Brain Shock4Mixed bunch
DataExplore3Student team
Actionable Words5Mixed bunch
NoobExplore3Student team
Dxplorers6Student team
Test4Student team
Xianjing1Student team
TFC2Mixed bunch
Orange4Mixed bunch
resistance is futile2Student team
Stay Normal2Mixed bunch
Flav&Tim2Company team
Urban avengers3Company team
Umbrella Corp4Company team
STDV2Student team
Info Sortie3Mixed bunch
Ignite 4Mixed bunch
Inside_insights2Student team
KNG3Student team
Deakin Open 3Student team
Single Star1Student team
Solo1Student team
DontWannaMember1Company team
DrasticGradientDescent3Mixed bunch
Eagles4Mixed bunch
AS1Mixed bunch
Team994Student team
!Dirty Data Done Dirt Cheap5Mixed bunch
The B Team3Company team
Strikers4Student team
AkA3Student team
Group 12Mixed bunch
Happy Nerds2Student team
FM2Company team
Datahackers4Mixed bunch
aiGo6Student team
TravelVic2Student team
424Company team
Fortitudo3Student team
UV2Student team
TroubleShooter6Student team
TEAM X4Student team
Datacybe5Student team
Quantum Bit1Student team
commrades4Student team
OneIsPeople4Mixed bunch
OneIsPeople4Mixed bunch
The Unary Operator1Mixed bunch
Yoyo Nunnarivu5Student team
Yoyo Nunnarivu5Student team
Yoyo Nunnarivu6Student team