Melbourne Data Science Week - 24-27th Sept 2018

Eugene Dubossarsky

Eugene Dubossarsky



Dr. Eugene Dubossarsky is the principal founder of Data Science Sydney, a data science leader of over 20 years commercial experience. He is the CEO of Presciient, providing quality data science training to hundreds in Australia and overseas over the last 5 years, and now offering courses in quantum computing. He is the Chief Data Scientist of AlphaZetta, a global analytics consultancy spanning 39 countries with over 400 consultants globally, as well as a founding partner of Advantage Data, a leading Australian analytics consultancy, Aurum Data, a new data valuation and commercialisation firm, and an environemental catastrophe risk modelling company. He is also the principal data science advisor to a growing number of technology start-ups covering the fields of banking, entertainment, medicine, sports and insurance.

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Interview Questions for Your Prospective Employer (Or Your Next Performance Review)

This is a talk for practicing and prospective data scientists.

Many data scientists are enjoying fruitful, rewarding careers, but many are not. There is a lot of churn in the industry, and many are quite unhappy with their jobs. Not all organisations are ready for data science, and not all have the right people in place to manage, and support it. It turns out that there quite a few simple signs that things may not be all that well. Alternatively, there are some key signs to look for in the best organisations.

Eugene will share with you some key questions to ask prospective employers in the interview. They are interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them ! Use this opportunity to ensure that you will have a work environment in which you learn, grow and thrive.


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