Melbourne Data Science Week - 24-27th Sept 2018

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson


Scott is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Wilson A.I.  – is a
specialist Artificial Intelligence company, consulting to and developing AI software as
a service for the insurance, finance and retail industries.

Scott is a passionate advocate for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and machine
learning in business and believes that Artificial Intelligence will be more revolutionary
and disruptive to modern business and the way that people work than any other
technology in history.

Scott is the former Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ASX listed
iSelect Ltd and oversaw the dramatic expansion of iSelects proprietary iConnect
Artificial Intelligence platform. He is the former Chairman of the board of iMoney
Group, South East Asia’s leading financial comparison site.

Scott holds a Graduate Certificate of Business Administration and a Master of
Business from Newcastle University. He is also a member of the Australian Institute
of Company Directors and is an advisor to a number of FinTech startups.


Data Science, Dinosaurs and the Boardroom Table

There never been a more exciting time to be a data scientist than right now, you are
in the driver’s seat at the start of the fourth industrial revolution! So why is it that so
many data scientists struggle to engage with senior executives and boards or to
simply even make it, on the board’s agenda in the first place?

The fastest growing companies in Australia and from around the world are already
racing to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning, transforming their
business results and growth, yet many other companies haven’t even entered the
race, they face the prospect of disruption, or even worst they may be on a path to

With so much mounting evidence of the extraordinary benefits of Artificial
Intelligence for business strategy, growth, productivity and performance why are so
many boards failing to see Artificial Intelligence and data science as a critical
boardroom topic?

In this talk, I will explore practical strategies that data scientists can use to
successfully engage with the CEO, senior executives and board directors to ensure
that Artificial Intelligence and the data science team is on the agenda of every board