Melbourne Datathon 2020 - the covid edition

Insights Winners


And the Insights Winners Are…

Thank you for joining us for the Melbourne Datathon 2017 insights competition!

On behalf of everyone involved, thank you for your participation. You showed up in great numbers last Friday night to see team Searchlight take home $1,500 and the honour of being Melbourne Datathon 2017 Insights Champions. The top 3 on the night were :

  1. Searchlight (Els Godecharle, Chris Yuan, Chetan Ganjihal, Abigail Low, Lachlan Russell, Sunny Liu)
  2. Time Serious (Justin Kerney, Ashleigh Latter, Lili Guo)
  3. Bureau of Data (Griff Young, Valentin Louf, Adam Young, Anthony Nicholas)

Congratulations as well to TAz (Tim Bednall, Azi Feizpour) and Data Detectives 008 (Yuan Li, Bingyu Yi, Xinyi Xu, Xianjing Fan, Nijie Sun, Shuo Li, Kai Zhu, Jiaxi He) for being our runners-up this year. 

A big congratulations also goes to team Blue Pill for winning the drones in the Yellowfin visualisation competitionThanks also to all the other 41 teams for your efforts. The standard was amazing so don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make the cut – it was a very tough job selecting only 5 teams to present.

Photos of the datathon can be found on Meetup here and on Google Photos here.