Contact Us

Do you…

  • have a talk you can give us
  • have a venue we could use
  • want to sponsor the group
  • have ideas of what we should do
  • want to help run events
  • etc. etc. etc.

Then please do get in touch. The group organisers can be located on the Meetup page


With over 13,000 members and consistent turnouts of 200+ to our events, we rely on support to keep things regular and free.

If you are considering sponsoring the group then here is what we can offer in return,

  • Your logo on this website like those at the footer of this page
  • Your logo on the meetup site (although to be honest, this is hard to find!)
  • Your logo displayed at the beginning of all relevant events
  • The chance of saying a few words at the beginning of events (but let us know you are here)
  • Links to any courses for academic sponsors on the about page (but you will need to expand it to see)
  • The opportunity to be exposed to Melbourne’s data science community and be top of mind when they are making career decisions

What we won’t do is,

  • give you access to our members list
  • send out promotional emails on your behalf
  • sponsorship is no entitlement to run promotional events

We prefer to liaise directly with data science managers (rather than marketing departments) and are unlikely to accept any sponsorship from recruitment agencies (unless there is any significant upside for our members – sorry). We specifically want to build lasting relationships with sponsors who see the benefit of a strong data science community in Melbourne and will go out of our way to support such sponsors in any way we can.

In summary

We can’t really sell you the benefits of supporting the Data Science Melbourne, we run the group as volunteers who are data scientists and not sales people. If you share our goal of making Melbourne the place to be for data science then we’d love to talk to you. Once support runs dry then that is a sign that we have achieved our objective (or completely failed) and the group will cease to operate.

We thank all our sponsors and supporters who make things possible…