Melbourne Datathon 2020 - the covid edition

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Hackday 1 & Other Info

Hackday 1 is just around the corner, so here is a bit of info you might find useful:


Where is it?

RMIT building 80 – the top of Swanston St, 1 block north of the State Library and Melbourne Central. See it in Google street view here . Take the escalator at ground level up one floor and you will find us. We have all the rooms on this floor and a couple of other rooms on different floors. The rooms have tables with room for 8 or so people and there should be plenty of space for everyone. If not, then there is another building right across the road – ask the friendly RMIT student helpers for info.

When is it?

This Saturday, 9am – 5pm

Team Building 

If you are still looking for team mates then come to the foyer at 10am and look for others. Please be proactive in introducing yourselves. If you already have a team and want to take some others on then please come to this draft pick!


Connect to the wireless network RMIT-Guest, and enter the code 750553. Don’t be reliant on this network though – best to load up everything you need before hand.

The Data

For those of you who do not yet have it, it will be available via USB stick on the day. For those who cannot attend and still do not have it, then thanks to our friends at AWS it is now online at (you will also find some other goodies there).


We’ll do our best to feed and water you, but if your tastes are quite sophisticated then bring a packed lunch. Pizza will be delivered in 2 batches; the first at 12:30 will contain gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian (hopefully on there own tables) + regular pizzas. If you do not have any dietary restrictions then please be considerate and leave them for those who do. Grab a box and take it away to share with your team so there is no congestion. The 2nd batch will arrive at 1:15. Please bring your empty boxes back so it is easier for us to tidy up. There will also be a bit of fruit and drinks. There is an ALDI pretty well next door if you want to see what this weeks specials are!


See the main webpage for times. We’ll be announcing them via Fleep (if we remember) and it will be first in best dressed. Please familiarise yourself with what’s on offer and maybe send representstives of your team rather than all, as there will be more people than chairs.

Free Tableau for the duration of the Datathon

  • Download a Copy of Tableau from…
  • On the form, enter your E-mail and enter ‘Melbourne Datathon’ for the name of your school for Organization.
  • Activate with your product key:  TCUF-78A7-2A90-C8BD-69D7
  • Already have a copy of Tableau Desktop installed? Update your license in the application: Help menu -> Manage Product Keys
  • This license will be valid until Oct-2018.
  • Enjoy


Join the new Fleep converstion for more info

At the end of the day

Please help tidy up and bring all litter to the foyer areas.

Other things to note..

Due to the vast number of participants we’ve brought the submission deadline forward a few days.

You can still participate if you have not yet registered – see the updated FAQs.