Melbourne Datathon 2020 - the covid edition

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Melbourne Data Science Week – tutorials and datathon pitches & presentations


Fleep Conversations

General Discussion –

Team forming –

AWS assistance –

Data2App assistance –


Useful Links

AWS info and data –

Steve’s mapping slides from hackday 1 –

Terry’s Data2App tutorial –


Free Tableau for the duration of the Datathon

  • Download a Copy of Tableau from…
  • On the form, enter your E-mail and enter ‘Melbourne Datathon’ for the name of your school for Organization.
  • Activate with your product key:  TCUF-78A7-2A90-C8BD-69D7
  • Already have a copy of Tableau Desktop installed? Update your license in the application: Help menu -> Manage Product Keys
  • This license will be valid until Oct-2018.
  • Enjoy



Video of launch night –

Photos –


Social Media – let us know if you have any links and want to include them here